Karen Santhanam

Sales Agent

ADDRESS: 13812 Research Blvd. Ste. B1 Austin, TX


★ Why I Do It :

I have benefitted from working with outstanding professionals at critical points in my life and that has made all the difference. Providing that service to people navigating complex real property decisions while going through tough situations like divorce, moving to assisted living, losing a loved one or financial difficulties is an honor.

★ What I Do:


Have you inherited property and are not sure what steps need to be taken? Are you confused about what the process is to sell the property and how to get started? We understand the overwhelming task of dealing with inherited real property and can help you every step of the way.


You don’t get divorced everyday. What questions should you ask? How do you get a fair property settlement? The earlier we get involved, the more help we can be in completing the due diligence to make informed decisions about keeping or selling the house.


As a liaison between seniors, their families, and advisors, I help make the home sale and transition easier. 


It takes a team of experts to deliver results. We can make introductions to Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Home Service Companies, Movers/Packers, Interior Designers, Estate Sale Companies and organizers. If you need it, we will find it!

For a no cost, no obligation consultation, call or text me at 512-718-9480. 

I'm also looking for a few more strategic partners who work with similar clients. If this sounds like you, please message me here on LinkedIn.

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